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2019 Vantage Medicare Advantage

Grievances & Appeals

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If you do not already have another person authorized under state law to act for you, and you want someone to act for you as your appointed representative, then you and the person you want to act for you must sign and date a statement that gives this person legal permission to act as your representative. You can name a relative, friend, advocate, doctor, or someone else to act on your behalf.

You may use the Medicare Appointment of Representation Form which must be mailed to us at the address on the bottom of the screen or faxed to 318-361-2170 (available 24 hours per day).

To request a coverage determination, you may use:

Medicare Complaint Form:

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Vantage Health Plan, Inc. is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Vantage Health Plan, Inc. depends on contract renewal.

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