Agents & Brokers

Agents & Brokers

Choose Vantage if:

 You want to be able to provide your clients with quality health insurance they can trust.
 You want consistent, reliable customer service representatives who can answer your questions.
 You want to work with a company that is actively working to reduce the cost of your client’s healthcare.

Vantage Health Plan, Inc. believes that our quality healthcare coverage comes from our people. We offer a quality product because we expect the best from our employees and participating providers. We believe that practicing physicians must be actively involved in all aspects of healthcare improvement and cost control, making them personally invested in creating a stronger healthcare system.

Some of the great benefits we offer to help your clients:

 Case Management Clinics
 Nutrition Counseling
 Diabetes Education
 Tobacco Cessation
 Wellness Program specifically designed to reduce costs
 No referrals to see specialists
 Many generic drugs available at no cost to Vantage members

We’re here for our brokers! Providing marketing support, excellent customer service, and great products!

For more information about our Producer benefits, call us toll-free at (888) 823-1910.

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