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Individuals & Families

Plans for Individuals and Families

Vantage offers affordable healthcare options for individuals and families. Vantage has plans with a variety of deductible, copayment and coinsurance amounts.

The chart below shows differences between Marketplace and Short-Term plans. Consider which type of coverage best suits you!

Marketplace Plans

Short-Term Plans


Most comprehensive medical, drug and vision; dental varies by plan

Limited medical; no drug, dental or vision


Monthly premiums vary by plan

Lowest monthly premium

Financial Help

Premium and cost share help available for eligible members

Not eligible

Health Check

No medical questionnaire or pre-existing condition checks

Medical questionnaire required

Family Options

Family policies available

Individual policies only

Enrollment Dates

Open Enrollment or with a Special Enrollment Period (qualifying event)


More detailed information about these coverage types and plan offerings can be found in the links below!

Marketplace Plans

Vantage is offered as a Qualified Health Plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2022. The Marketplace, or Exchange, offers consumers a chance to review and compare plans with similar benefits and pricing from several different health insurance companies.

All Vantage Marketplace plans include prescription drug coverage, free annual wellness exams, free semi-annual preventive dental cleanings and exams, and out-of-network coverage.

Click the Marketplace Information below to view Vantage Marketplace plan documents and additional information.

Short-Term Plans

Vantage’s Short-Term plans can help bridge the gap between life events and cover the medical necessities during life’s transitions. Changes in jobs, school, and loss of health coverage may sometimes negatively impact your life.

Click the Short-Term Plans button for more information.

Short-Term Plans

Feel free to call Vantage’s Member Services Marketplace/Exchange Department toll-free at (855) 545-3847 with any questions about these plans.

The information available at this website is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your professional advisors to obtain advice with respect to any specific issue. Vantage Health Plan is a Qualified Health Plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace.