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OGB Affinity Health Network Benefits

This plan includes a preferred provider network, Affinity Health Network (AHN), which has lower cost share for certain covered services.

Enjoy Great Benefits Such As:

  • $20 PCP office visit co-pay
  • $45 Specialty Care office visit co-pay
  • $25 copay per test for Major Diagnostic Tests and Ultrasounds
  • $100 copay per day for days 1-3; $300 max per stay for Inpatient Hospital Admissions and Observation Stays
  • $100 copay for ASU/Outpatient Surgery
  • $0 copay for a 100-day supply of Tier I Drugs or ARKRAY USA, Inc. Diabetic Supplies and meters through DeSiard Pharmacy Network (DPN) pharmacies
  • Cannot balance bill members

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