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Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can be selected from our extensive list of In-Network providers. Simply go to www.VHP-StateGroup.com and select "OGB Medical Home HMO", click on "Find a Doctor". Select "I’m Looking Around", select "Employer Groups", enter your ZIP code and search for Family Practice, Internal Medicine, or Pediatric provider. Affinity PCP’s can also be located by clicking on the Affinity Health Network section. You can also call our Member Services Department at (318) 998-4435 or toll-free at (844) 536-7104 to select your PCP.
No. Referrals are not needed to see Specialty Care Providers.
Vantage Medical Home HMO members are covered anywhere in the world for emergency care at in-network benefits.
Click here or call our Member Services Department toll-free at (844) 536-7104.