OGB Medical Home

OGB Medical Home HMO

National healthcare experts have studied numerous healthcare delivery models and have determined that one model delivers better care and reduced cost. The experts have now given the name “Patient Centered Medical Home” to plans using that model.

In these plans, the primary care provider works with the specialist, hospital, other healthcare providers, and the health plan to coordinate the delivery of services to patients.

Vantage Health Plan is proud that we have always followed this approach to healthcare, and our model has not changed. Only the name "Patient Centered Medical Home" is new.

Click here to view a diagram of the Medical Home Model.

Vantage plans fully cover and encourage routine preventive check-ups such as annual examinations, vaccinations, and OB/GYN screenings. For those insured members hoping to lose weight or quit smoking, we offer counseling by a licensed nutritionist or tobacco cessation coach free of charge. Visit any one of our Case Management Clinics for these services and many more!