Comfort Care Options for Vantage Dual Plus Members

Vantage Health Plan (Vantage) is pleased to offer Comfort Care Options to our Dual Plus plan members. Comfort Care includes our Palliative Care and Advance Care Management programs, which include support for members moving through hospice and end-of-life care. Our approach focuses on early identification of members in advanced stages of an illness who may benefit from improved care coordination between Vantage, their primary care providers and specialists, and the hospice and ancillary providers.

We will work with members and providers to transition members through our Palliative Care, Advance Care Management and into hospice care. These programs can begin at any time after a diagnosis of a terminal illness. Our goal is to assist members and their providers through this difficult time, promoting care to keep the member comfortable and in familiar surroundings – preferably at home. Members are reviewed for eligibility and if he/she meets the criteria for the Comfort Care program, we will coordinate care with his/her PCP.

Our Comfort Care model includes access to Palliative Care and an Advanced Care Management (ACM) program, which may be an appropriate transition for members moving toward end-of-life care. The ACM program may also be appropriate for other members diagnosed with serious illnesses who do not need to transition to hospice care and may be used alongside curative care.

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What resources are available to learn more about palliative care and hospice care?

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