Why Choose Vantage

Vantage Health Plan, Inc. believes that practicing physicians must be actively involved in all aspects of healthcare improvement and cost control. Practicing physicians are able to see the impact of changes in healthcare in their patients and can influence those changes to others.

There are many benefits being a provider with Vantage. Vantage no longer requires its members to obtain referrals to be seen by specialists. Vantage members may be seen by an in-network specialist four (4) times annually without an authorization for those office visits. Vantage has an online web portal service that allows Providers to confirm authorizations, check claims statuses and confirm eligibility of Vantage members. If you are a Primary Care Physician, a list of your active members is also available.

Vantage even offers a quicker, easier way for you to receive payments. All you have to do is sign-up with our convenient Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program! Call Provider Relations at (318) 361-0900 or (888) 823-1910 to learn more. In addition to EFT, providers can also receive Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA) for all claims submitted to Vantage. By enrolling in both EFT and ERA you reduce the wait time it takes to manually post the remittance and you insure fast, timely payment. Providers also get the latest Vantage information via a quarterly newsletter!

Our Provider Relations department is responsible for contracting with and credentialing providers. They negotiate case-by-case rates when non-participating Providers are required for specific services. Give them a call today at (318) 361-0900 or (888) 823-1910 if you have any questions.